DURA-BILL Mineral Feeders

The most important part of your mineral feeder program is how you manage it.


Our feeders are supurb tools for helping your mineral feeder program be a success.



Easily moved from pasture to pasture.

Your time is too valuable to spend it messin'
with a mineral feeder

Three Models

Model PLMF -
3 Compartments
Serves 40 Head

Model PIBF -
2 Compartments
Serves 30 Head

Model PLMFFA -
Sock Attachment
For Insecticide

Why Purchase Our Mineral Feeder?

Why you want to purchase our mineral feeder and not purchase any mineral feeder on a pedestal or otherwise elevated:

Cows eating with their heads in the downward “natural grazing position” produced 17% more saliva than those eating from an elevated surface. Additional salivation had a direct positive influence on the efficiency of rumen function. Overall digestion was significantly enhanced.

Milking cows were observed for the occurrence of feedtossing behavior. About 10% of the cows engaged in this excessive sorting and throwing of feed. As a result of feed tossing over their backs and along their sides, feed wastage for these cows ranged up to 10 percent. When given the choice of eating from an elevated (28 cm - 11 inches) bunk versus one at ground level, the cows chose the lower level and feed tossing was not observed. The authors of this study concluded that feed sorting and throwing is an engineering problem. The solution is designing equipment which permits cattle to feed “in the natural, head-down, grazing-like position.”