Polar Max 100% Energy Free Drinkers

Delivering Water in Reliable, Rugged Drinkers.

100% Energy Free - For Real,
No Carbon Footprint!



In addition to our great design features, the most significant difference is our FLAP.

Our flap is better than a ball or float closure.
Here's Why...

Eight Models

Model WPM10 - Energy Free Drinker

Model WPM14 - Energy Free Drinker

Model WPM10A - Energy Free Drinker

Model WPM14A - Energy Free Drinker

Model WPM16 - Energy Free Drinker

Model WPM20 - Energy Free Drinker

Model WPM80 - Energy Free Drinker

Model WPM120 - Energy Free Drinker

How They Work

Heat energy is provided by ground water entering the drinker between 45 degrees F and 56 degrees F. (7 C - 13 C).
POLAR MAX DRINKERS are heavily insulated to hold the heat provided by ground water. As further protection, unique, patented baffles isolate drinking water from the main energy storage body under the valve cover. Drinking activity replenishes heat gradually lost. The minimal water drinking activity needed should result in water being replaced twice a day (5-15 animals depending on drinker capacity, size of animals, and whether or not the drinker is sheltered). If entering water is less than about 40 degrees F (4.4 C), such as water from a pond, mountain spring or colder ground water, you may experience icing in the drinker openings.

Precautions You Should Observe

The key to trouble-free use is to carefully read the installation instructions. You can use an existing tile if your supply line has stayed open with no supplemental heat. THE NEW INSTALLATION MUST BE MADE WITHOUT THE SUPPLY LINE TOUCHING THE RISER TILE AND THERE MUST BE NO DEBRIS OR DIRT IN THE RISER TILE. For best protection, we recommend that a new riser tile of at least 8" (20.3 cm) diameter be installed. There must be an airtight seal to the mounting pad. POLAR-MAX units need to be installed on the level. There must be sufficient drinking activity.